Genealogical standards evolve over time--so do privacy standards--especially we new technologies and tools such as genetic testing.  It's important for responsible genealogists to try to keep up with, and promote, the best standards of our community.


Here are the Guidelines for sharing information from the National Genealogical Society:

NGS Sharing Guidelines



Here some genetic genealogy privacy standards:

"Privacy.  Genealogists only test with companies that respect and protect the privacy of testers. However, genealogists understand that complete anonymity of DNA tests results can never be guaranteed."


"Sharing Results Genealogists respect all limitations on reviewing and sharing DNA test results imposed at the request of the tester. For example, genealogists do not share or otherwise reveal DNA test results (beyond the tools offered by the testing company) or other personal information (name, address, or email) without the written or oral consent of the tester."


Genetic Genealogy Privacy