About the Genealogical Privacy Project blog

The Genealogical Privacy Project blog is a venue to address the privacy concerns in a period of great technological and legal changes. The aim of this project is to offer privacy advocates, genealogists, technology experts and others to talk with each other rather than past each other. Ideally using the wealth of experience, knowledge and influence of the contributing bloggers, we can help to resolve some of the vexing problems we face concerning identity fraud, DNA and medical testing and sharing, vital records, the legal framework for electronic communications, as well as new technologies.

We hope that making these ideas and conversations more accessible will help educate the lay public, amateur genealogists, and influential intellectuals. Most importantly we aspire to promote and facilitate the discussion of questions important to the genealogical, privacy and technology communities.

About the Liberty and Privacy Network

The Liberty and Privacy Network was founded in 2005 to defend privacy, civil liberties and market economics. The LPN was the first non-profit human rights and civil liberties organization whose core mission recognizes traditional economic rights as a necessary foundation for a broad understanding of human rights. The Liberty and Privacy Network is a non-governmental advocacy and research 501(c)(3) organization.