The Ancestry Insider on Ancestry.com's Privacy Policy Changes

by Bradley Jansen July 10th, 2015 2:54 pm

In addition to the red-line analysis of Thomas MacEntee, my previous comments here and here and Judy Russell's observations, I wanted to point out that The Ancestry Insider has a very useful write up:


Of importance:

By using any of Ancestry’s family of websites, you consent to let users share your family history information with users of any of Ancestry’s websites, including fold3.com, newspapers.com, findagrave.com, archives.com, and any other website on which Ancestry provides a link to this privacy policy page. Does that means stuff on Find A Grave can be shared with users of Ancestry.com?

You consent to allow Ancestry to monitor, collect, and share with other users information about your activities on their websites, such as the courses you’ve taken on Ancestry Academy.

Additionally, they say, "Ancestry reminds users that it publishes legally available personal information on records about you." and "While Ancestry will generally send marketing information to you by email, you consent to contact by direct mail or even by telephone."

The whole write up is well worth the read.

But some comments on the Technology for Genealogy page on Facebook suggest that when The Ancestry Insider says "You can easily opt out of the emails" that it might not really be so easy.  If Ancestry.com says one can opt-out of some selling and sharing of personal information easily, their customers should be able to do so.  If not, please speak up!

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